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Friday, March 24, 2017

Foodie Friday: Recipes For Pizza Lovers

Pizza has always been at the top of my favorite foods list, but it has to be really good for me to indulge. Alas, I haven't had a bite or a slice yet this year. My current diet hasn't allowed for such a treat. For my upcoming trip to New York, I look forward to going off the diet wagon. So today we are talking homemade pizza. Forget delivery. Pizza is just too much fun to make and eat at home!

HERE: 21 Recipes & Cooks Tools 

Chicago Deep Dish
Of course this Chicago Girl would begin with Deep Dish. In fact it is my pizza of choice. This recipe reads like a Gino's pizza. It's a good one!
Ambitious Kitchen  

Truffled Mushroom Pizza
Truffle salt and truffle oil create the most fragrant pizza.  I never met a truffle that I didn't love. This will be my fave of the edit.

    Emile Henry Flame Burgundy Pizza Stone
Turn a grill or oven into a pizzeria. Using this stone, you can count on light crispy crusts with moist airy interiors.
Sur La Table  

Shrimp and Pesto Pizza 
A little departure from the standard pizza topping. It begins with grilled dough, and is topped off with delicious fresh shrimp. Oh Yum!
Martha Stewart  

Ciabatta Pizza Bread
Let me begin by saying you do not have to make your own bread. This recipe is ooey gooey and so easy. It features four different kinds of cheese. Enough said.
How Sweet Eats

Low-Calorie Cauliflower Crust Pizza (Gluten Free)
This just looks delish to me. And it is only 240 calories per portion. I think we must make this.
Lavender and Lovage 

Balsamic Roasted Peach, Almond, and Cilantro Pizza
This recipe had me at Balsamic. I always use it in my red sauce and on my pizza.  Balsamic pairs beautifully with fruit, especially peaches.

Pizza Margherita
A recipe is for the most iconic of all pizzas. Dressed in the colors of the Italian flag, it is simply topped with tomato, fresh basil leaves, and mozzarella. The crust looks just fabulous on this one.

Pizzeria Pronto
This little wonder makes your pizza in just six minutes and heats up to 600 degrees. I have a similar pizza maker and it works fabulously! Now on sale.
Williams Sonoma

A kitschy combination of Italian and Greek food. Look at that flaky crust...it's like baklava! 

Walnut Handled Pizza Rocker
Oh let's rock! Made my artisan knife maker R. Murphy, in Boston, it's a beauty. This tool will make quick work of gooey cheese and crispy crust. Bring it as a gift to the host for your next pizza party.

Blackberry Ricotta Pizza with Basil
An easy peasy and oh so cheesy recipe! And for your doubters out there.....you have heard of fruit and cheese plates, haven't you? This looks and sounds fabulous!
The Food Charlatan

Cast Iron Skillet Brussels Sprouts Bacon Pizza
I have tried this cast iron method, and it works!  The crust gets very crispy. And then you have bacon and Brussels Sprouts. Well, they go together like PB & J!
How Sweet Eats

Beet Crust Pizza
This pizza just may be the prettiest ever! And yes, 2 beets are cooked inside the crust. If you don't like beets, no worries, you can't taste them. Goat cheese, hard boiled eggs, and heirloom tomatoes round out the ingredients.
Bakers Royale  

Maple Apples, Blue Cheese and Bacon Pizza
Now this just cannot be bad! Bacon makes everything better, right?
Foodie Crush 

Julia Child’s Eggplant Pizzas
The eggplant pizzas are low-carb, Keto, low-glycemic, gluten-free, meatless, and look delicious! Not to mention how easy they are to make. Something different.
Kalyn's Kitchen 

Chipotle Chicken With Walnuts & Blue Cheese
This is a recipe with an interesting twist. The Creamy Chipotle Sauce looks good. I love a good drizzle. Don't you?

Pizza Frittata
Pizza for breakfast? Watch the kiddos come running. There will be no skipping breakfast with this dish on the table.
Minimalist Baker

Folding Pizza Peel and Recipe Book Set
If you make pizza in the oven or on a grill, you need one of these. It's also priced right to be a great gift for a pizza lover in your life.

Bagel and Lox Pizza
One fabulous brunch dish, wouldn't you say? It's a great way to feed a crowd.
Heather Christo

Super Green Pea and Asparagus Burrata Pizza
This recipe celebrates Spring, and had me at BURRATA! Also involved is a lemon basil vinaigrette, roasted sugar nap peas, prosciutto and more. You almost don't have to feel guilty about this one!
Half Baked Harvest

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