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Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Mantras From Etsy

Changing things up today, and starting the week off on a positive note. I have learned through a very special friend, that nothing positive ever happens with a negative mind. My own "Mr. Shop This" is one of the most positive people I know. Lucky me to be living with such positive energy! So, today I am sharing some of my favorite mantras that often help me get through a difficult day. 

I don't know about you, but my resting bitc#h face is not so attractive. A sincere smile lights up your entire face. 
Jaclyn Rose Design at Etsy

Remember Marlo Thomas in "That Girl?" She had a twinkle in her eye and a real zest for life. Why not be "That Girl?" (I am so sorry but I lost my source for this quote)

I really believe that there is always a lesson in everything that happens in our life. Next time something really good or bad occurs, take a moment to question yourself and ask why? With reflection, you will find the reason sooner or later. It will make total sense.
Words and Confetti at Etsy    


This is a hard one. Once you learn to really just let it go, life is so much easier. Why be bogged down with negativity?
Beautiful Type at Etsy 

Happiness is a choice, and no one can make us truly happy except for ourself. I have learned as I get older, to never depend on anyone else for my own happiness. 
Wonderful Printable 

Ever since I successfully did the Lamaze method of childbirth, I use deep breathing to calm myself. Sometimes all you need is a moment to take a breath.
Words and Confetti at Etsy   

I have learned this the hard way. You do become what you think. Why not think positively?
PeDe Posters at Etsy   

Can you imagine a life where each and every one of us were kind at all times? There would be no war, no labeling, no hate, no hurt feelings....only good things. For me, kindness is the easiest virtue to practice. Give it a try.
By Dawn Nicole at Etsy  

I really feel that one must believe that we are worth the good things in life, in order to receive them. Try to tell yourself this every day.
Vegan Art By Tafida 

With practice, if you fill your mind and heart with constant gratefulness, there will be no room for sadness or negative thoughts.
The Lil Printables

Make it a Beautiful Monday! 


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