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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wednesday's Wit & Whimsy At Etsy

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Etsy is a very big marketplace in which one can easily get lost. So consider today's post is a little help from a friend. Follow along to see where to shop for things that are far from ordinary and promise to make you smile.


HERE:  14 Fanciful Finds

Canvas Storage Bins
You might remember my Halloween post featuring Lovelane. Lane's work is so fabulous any time of year! These baskets are super fun and useful. A good way to package an awkward present under the tree, too.
 Lovelane at Etsy  

Anchor Card and Charm Necklace
Thank you cards are nice, but this one is special. We all have helpers in our lives. It just might be the time to tell them how much they are appreciated. This is a sweet way to do it. You will find cards and jewelry for asking friends to be your bridesmaid, Wishbone birthday cards and much more.
Stone and Grey at Etsy 

Vodka Tea Cup
I'll have what she's having. Add a little levity to tea time!

Love and Kisses Covers
You might dream of gold, or dream in gold. Whichever it is you can find a pillow here that makes dreams come true. 
I Dream In Gold at Etsy 

Hammered Brass Horseshoe Hair Pin
Messy hair. Don't care. Trade in your elastic band for beautiful brass. 
Shop Nepheliad at Etsy 

Custom Fashion Illustration
If only we all could have a dress covered in raindrops and petals! Now you can, with the help of artist Georgie St. Clair. You really must click to read about this process. It is stunning and pretty darn amazing! What a memorable gift for a recent bride.
Georgie St. Clair at Etsy  

Magnetic Dino Wallpaper
I am mesmerized by the concept of this paper. Your children will think it is magical, and so do I. Handmade by Sian Zeng in London. It's worth the travel. Other whimsical patterns and wall stickers are available.
Sian Zeng at Etsy    

Play Teepees
Homespun and handcrafted, these terrific teepees are made from beautiful fabrics. I have really never seen anything like these. Fabulous for the nursery, playroom, or anywhere your child needs a place of their own.
Francie and Company at Etsy 

Paris Postcard Set
I have adored this shop ever since I found Etsy. I know that you will love the very giftable fine prints and paper products. This set is perfect for framing and creating your own Parisian wall gallery. Charming!
The Paris Print Shop  

Monochrome Ceramic Bauble Set
This shop is a real find for any ornament collector! Everything is simple, sensational and unlike any ornaments I have ever come accross!
Krafty K Design at Etsy  

Flying Porcelain Piggy With Gold Wings
If these little pigs could fly, I would want them to land in my home. They are cute as can be. Be sure to click and see the other handmade, heavenly cups and figurines. They are all very special and quite glam. 
ENDE Ceramics 

Bisou Lips Disposable Linens
Better on the linen than his collar! Perfect for a Girls Night In ( or out ) party!
The Roc Shop at Etsy

Custom Letters & Words
I just want to go play in Hoppsy Daisy's colorful world! Each large letter or word is filled with fabulous felt balls. A fab find for the play room, nursery or office. Such fun! 
Nutcracker Suite Paper Puppet Theater
A very clever little shop for art prints, embroidery patterns, paper dolls, puppet theaters, and jewelry! In this case, you purchase a PFD to print at home for some old fashion play time. I just love the idea of this!
Sarah Jane Studios at Etsy


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