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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Workout Wednesday: New Year. New You

Did you over indulge during the Holidays? You are not alone. I'm guilty, too. There was the "make your own pizza party," the pounds of fudge I made, that Christmas Day ice cream sundae bar, and all of those holiday drinks! We thought they all were a fun idea at the time, right? Forgive yourself and get moving. Nike helps with a 21 Day Training Program & the Gear to get you going.  Whatever your personal goals are, here's how to meet them with style.

Sneakers By All Black
Let's start from the ground up. These sneakers caught my attention with their unusual styling. I am loving the mesh and the cutouts. 

Rowley Heart Print Coordinates
Cynthia Rowley has put the fun in your run and the luxe in your lunges with her line of performance pieces. They are all just great. 

 Fitbit Charge HR Wristband Activity and Sleep Tracker
Speaking of hearts.....this one will do your heart good. If you are searching for a more active lifestyle, this gadget is about to become your best buddy. It automatically syncs to your computer and smartphone, making it easy to stay motivated. It counts your calories, tracks your sleep and heart rate. This bundle of "joy" is a great value, with 5 flex pays, but only for today.

Mesh Cropped Two Piece Set
This will become your "go to" outfit for lounging, working out or just running errands. The sneakers are super fun!

Orbit Long Sleeve Top
Elevate your style game and show off your curves with the slimming silhouette of this beautifully engineered top.

Use Code: TAKE30 for 30% off this item at checkout

Get Movin' Smooth Turtleneck
A good top is hard to come by. This one fits close to the body making it perfect for layering and outdoor sports. Other colors available.

Believe Training Journal
If running is your thing, you need this journal. Believing you can do it, is half the battle. This book will make you accountable and keep you motivated.

Fendi Stretch Jersey Tank & Leggings
Crafted from ultra flexible stretch jersey, this look just couldn't be more sophisticated.

Sole Society Bag
This faux but fabulous bag would be ultra chic at the gym. Love the bottom zip around shoe department. It's all lined in leopard. What else? P.S. The price is right.

Practice Good Posture
Have you ever noticed how much better your body looks when you stand up straight? Bloggers like myself, and anyone who works at a desk, may have the hardest time with good posture. It's important peeps, not only for your health but your look, too. By all indications the Spring 2016 fashion forecasts lots of bare shoulders. We will need a strong shoulder and elongated neck to rock the look. Enter Lumo Lift. It's a wearable device that promotes good posture and tracks activity. Get the gizmo at Best Buy and download the APP at iTunes

New Wave Leggings and Sports Bra
Heading to the tropics? You will fit right in with these bright and bold pieces. Staying home? This lively pattern will put some pep in your step. And if you aren't into showing off your six pack yet, Boston Proper offers many styles for all shapes and sizes.

The Grid Mini
I firmly believe in treating yourself, especially after a hard workout. Perfect for the jetsetter's suitcase or a gym bag. These mini marvels are a treat for your muscles after a hard workout.

 Dual Dual Jacket and Leggings
Bold and energetic, these two pieces exude a stylish and sporty vibe.

Two-Minute Core Workouts with Nordstrom's Zella PRO
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Workout Wednesday: Do It With Style!


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