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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Conquer The Clutter!

Via Taigan

I am not a neat freak. Mr. Shop This is a bit of one, so I try to clean up my game every once in awhile. Even though I am a good little organizer, I do have trouble staying organized. Let's all try to be our best selves in 2016. Getting rid of clutter, saves time and makes life easier to navigate. These fab finds will help you to do it with style.

Stylish Stoage 320 x 50

Python Embossed Date Books
What's on your agenda for the New Year? Just think of the places you will go! Keep track of every event, big or small, with these gorgeous agendas and date books.
Gigi New York

Desk Supplies
Start off 2016 with a pretty planner, chic calendar, or nifty notepad, and get organized!
Paper Source

Beyond Object Designs
Logical sculpture from the London based brand. These pieces in copper, silver or gold, will dress your desk with style!
A Plus Store

Ted Baker's Set Of Storage Boxes
Now you can have a place for every pretty little thing. Store treasures, trinkets, tickets, and more.

Booksee Shelf Set
Aren't these good looking? Clearly chic for any room. A child will especially love being able to find just the story they want to hear. 

Baby Closet Dividers
If you are a new parent, you know that your new arrival comes with gifts in a variety of sizes. The Little Artist series of dividers are so darling and will grow with the child.

Password Organizer
Passwords. Don't they drive you crazy? Mr. Shop This needs one of these. If I was to disappear, he would be up the creek without a password to be found. Genius!
The Container Store

Acrylic Smart Organizer
Boy do I need one of these! The compartments are smartly designed so that there are notches for those dangling cords. It is good looking and will go with all decor styles.
The Container Store

Baskets and Bins
Put an artful spin on an age old problem, storage and organization for the home. Here's a chic collection of handcrafted containers for every room.
Serena and Lily

French Bull Storage Containers
Over the holidays, I had 12 people in the kitchen for a "make your own pizza party." As you can imagine, there were leftovers. Someone asked me where my "Tupperware" was. I didn't have any....all of that just bores me to death. But this collection of porcelain and melamine containers is chic to the max. #ineedthese.

Tahoe Fabric Tote Set
A trio of totes that is both simple and sophisticated. Your closet shelves need these to hold belts, socks, undies, stockings, and more. Best yet, when not in use they fold flat for easier storage.

Acrylic Makeup Organizer Cube
The very best makeup organizer I have ever seen. If you have the counter or vanity space for it, this 5 drawer wonder may be your new BFF. What a neat freak find, and a makeup lovers dream.

Elfa Closet Sale
Now is the time to get organized at home. Start with your closet while all of the accouterments are now 30% off. You will even save 30% on installation or you can do it yourself.
The Container Store

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