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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Foodie Friday: Build A Better Burger! Recipes & More

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I am a bit of a burger snob, which is sad, as I can rarely order one out in a restaurant. It has to be thick, pink, and juicy with something creative going on with the presentation. The best burger I have had in Chicago was at MK. I remember the smoked applewood bacon and the caramelized onions. It was fabulous. If you are looking to up your burger game, this post is for you. Time to think outside of the bun! P.S. I never eat that bun anyway.

Shrimp Burgers With Chipotle Cream and Coconut Peach Salsa
And this is what I mean by a creative presentation.  I'm trying this one!
How Sweet Eats

Fried Mozzarella and Caramelized Peach Caprese Burgers
I don't think a burger could look any more appealing. Fried Mozzarella? Can a recipe get any more devilish? It's all topped up with a Balsamic drizzle.
Half Baked Harvest

Grilled Asian Pork Burgers
This original recipe by Heather Christo features flavors like ginger and sesame. See that special sauce? It's made with lime and sriracha!
Heather Christo

Portobello and Pancetta Wagyu Beef Burger
Have you ever had a Four Seasons burger by the pool or delivered to your room? Generally speaking you can count on them to be delish. This one might be a little pricey to make with the Wagyu and Pancetta, but I bet its' worth it. This burger is topped with a Peppadeew Aioli, Yum!
Taste Four Seasons

Spicy, Curry, and Smoky Ketchups
Even if you aren't the type of cook to experiment with your recipes, you can still kick up your burgers a notch. Red Duck Ketchup is perfect for burgers, dogs, fries and so much more. This set makes a great host gift.

Brisket Burgers With Cheddar Slaw And Comeback Sauce
This is one rich burger built with brisket. If you prefer one less fatty, substitute chuck.
Gourmet Traveller

Feta and Beet Burger
I love a good veggie burger. These with coconut oil, oats, and beets are so unique, that I had to include it in this bounty of burgers.

Barbecue Bacon Burger Bites
These little burger parcels are party ready. An easier way to eat a burger at a stand up event. Very cute.
Foodie With Family

Chorizo Sliders with Avocado Cream Sauce
This recipe is a meat lovers dream. Made with Chorizo sausage, Ground Beef, and Bacon, these sliders pack a powerful punch of protein.
The Meat House Blog

Buffalo Turkey Burgers With Buffalo Blue Cheese Sauce
This Burger may not be pretty, but for those who like it spicy it is a winner. Most food that is messy usually is great!
Recipe Runner

Burger Accessories
If you like all of your burgers in a row and the same size, you will love Sur La Table's Nonstick Burger Basket and The Burger Press.
Sur La Table

Lobster Burgers With Browned Butter Lemon Aioli
I am not even finished with my search, but I know that this is my favorite recipe of the burger bunch.  A Basil Corn Salsa with Bacon and Avacado tops this splurge worthy recipe. I say go all out and serve it with champagne or at least Prosecco.
Half Baked Harvest

Lamb and Mint Burgers
This recipe sounds Greek to me, especially with that yummy yogurt sauce! My little Yorkie, Armani, ate a lamb burger every day and lived to be almost 17.
House and Garden UK

Totchos Supreme Burger
Okay, so Tieghan, you are seriously killing me with your bunch of burger recipes! This one includes Chorizo Sausage, Tater Tots and Guacamole. Ole!
Half Baked Harvest

Mesquite and Stout Ale Mustard
A good mustard elevate everything. I've never had anything that Dean and Deluca put their name on, that wasn't delicious!
Dean and Deluca

Double RL Ranch Burger
This recipe comes straight from Ralph Lauren's tony NYC restaurant. They use a mixture of short rib, brisket and chuck. I love the very homemade look to it. 
Bon Appetit

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