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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Foodie Friday: A Taste Of Fall

Have you caught the Fall Fever yet? In Chicago we have gone from 88 degrees to 50 degrees in 48 hours. But as I have said before the "Shop This" household is all about Fall. We love it....the weather....the clothing, and the tastes of Fall. I look forward to making my first pot of chili this weekend, and maybe a cake or pie. If you, too, want to get back in the kitchen, this post is for you.  Be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the page for more
 inspiration from last year!

HERE: 12 Recipes That Scream Fall

Smoky Cider Mezcal Margarita
I had a Mezcal Margarita last Christmas Eve. It was beyond good. This recipe is a little smoky, a little citrusy and slightly heavy on the orange. The main ingredient is lots of cinnamon-y cider. 
How Sweet Eats

Apple, Bacon and Rosemary Pizza
Have you ever seen a prettier pizza? This recipe combines Sierra Beauty apples (although you can use any you like) with shredded mozzarella and gruyere (my favorite )and gets even more flavor from pieces of smoky bacon and bits of rosemary.  OMG!
Honestly Yum

Apple Coder Donut Pancakes
Doesn't apple cider and donuts just remind you of your childhood? This recipe is all of that and more. Looks perfect as a breakfast for
 dinner dish.
Broma Bakery

Pumpkin Pasta With Parmesan Garlic Cream Sauce
Comfort food. We all need it every once in a while. This dish will do it for you. With an infusion of thyme, the sauce is said to be 
super savory.
Family Style Food

Wild Mushroom Toast With Truffle Butter
Here's your next cocktail party appetizer. No one will be bale to resist the earthy aroma of wild mushrooms and truffle butter. That truffle will elevate everything. But they are expensive. I bet you could substitute truffle oil.
Williams Sonoma

Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Cups
Caramel and chocolate, a match made in sugary heaven. If you haven't made your own caramel, please try it. It couldn't be easier. I make it often. This recipe only has six ingredients, and one of them is Nutella! Need I say more?

Chile-Maple Roast Chicken
This recipe by Antoni Porowski is for "Mr. Shop This" His dream meal would be a roasted chicken. Because of my chicken /bird phobia, I just can't eat hot chicken with bones. I think I have heard Kelly Ripa mention the same aversion. But I am willing to prepare this chicken recipe for him. He has been working hard.  Can't you just imagine how it smells while roasting?
Pure Wow

 Sweet Potato Mash With Fresh Herbs
Why wait until Thanksgiving for this colorful concoction? I say test it out today. It would be wonderful with the roasted chicken above.
Foodness Gracious

The Best Cinnamon Rolls Ever
I admit that I have never made cinnamon rolls, but I sure have served plenty of those in the can. That will never happen again. Who needs those nasty preservatives? Most importantly this recipe calls for plenty of the cinnamon-y cream cheese frosting. YUM!
Foodie Crush

Butternut Squash Hummus
I started making my own Hummus last Thanksgiving. I know people love it, but I would never serve anything off a shelf to company. It was a big hit....pumpkin hummus. And it took no time at all to put together, This looks even better. Give it a try.
Minimalist Baker

Glazed and Flaky Apple Tart
If you love apples, this dish is for you. The apples are sliced in half and roasted with brandy and maple syrup. The crust is said to be the absolute flakiest. Sounds like a winning dessert for Fall. 

Pumpkin Pie-Tini
I am not a martini drinker. I  think that my arm could be twisted to take a sip of one of these. The recipe begins with Pumpkin or Vanilla Vodka and ends with a dollop of whipped cream. That rim is created with crushed graham crackers and maple syrup. Oh yes, I love to drink my dessert. Don't you?
The Nibble

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