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Monday, July 10, 2017

Amazon Prime Day: An Insider's Guide

I hope hat you all had a fabulous weekend. It's a rainy day and Monday where I am, which means it is a good day to go shopping.....from home. Prime Day starts at 9PM ET, tonight! I was late in joining the Amazon Prime movement. It was about six months ago when I joined. I consider Prime a security blanket. It feels good to know that anything I need, including gifts, can be delivered either the same day or at the latest, in two days, without paying any rush delivery fees! For more information click the banner below.


Becoming a Member
With a 30 day Free Trial, why wouldn't you join? You can absolutely cancel at any time, but I bet that you won't. I have to say, membership is addictive. Besides getting fast free shipping on over 50 million eligible items, you receive instant access to video streaming (road trip anyone?) and free access to over two million songs for ad free, on demand music streaming! After your free trial, Prime is $10.99 a month. Get started now for free.

Amazon Prime For Students
This is a must have service for your college student! All you need is a college E-Mail address.  First of all, the students get a Six Month Free Trial. After that time, membership is $49 per year. They can buy and sell textbooks, outfit their dorm room, get unlimited movie and TV screening, and exclusive promotions just for your student.

Amazon Handmade
 New at Amazon: artisan made items are giving Etsy a run for their money.  It is a sensational source for anything DIY.
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The Prime Newsletter
If you are already a Prime member, get the most of your membership by signing by signing up for the weekly newsletter.
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Happy Shopping Friends!

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