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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Foodie Friday: Let Me Eat Cake & Cupcakes - Recipes & More

So, the inspiration for today's post came easily. It's my birthday on April 1st. Yes, I know, you can call me an April Fool, because I rather like it. Cake is one of my favorite things in the world, and I haven't had any yet this year. In fact, I haven't had any refined sugar. My body feels much better without it, but I plan to enjoy some birthday cake this weekend! I'd put a candle in any one of these cakes. How about you?

Sur La Table Gift Registry_300x100

HERE: 18 Birthday Worthy Cakes & Things 
Pink Champagne Cake
The perfect cake for any celebration. This cake sparkles, literally. There are tiny white shimmery cake sparkles all over the top of the cake. Almost too pretty to eat.
Liv For Cake

Brownie Cupcake Sundaes
This recipe really sums up everything yummy in one little cake! You can find some fun Rainbow Cupcake Liners HERE Recipe at
The Cake Blog  

S'Mores Cake
Just the sound of this cake makes me swoon. Chocolate cake with graham cracker buttercream filling, chocolate ganache frosting and toasted marshmallow meringue. 
The Cake Blog  

Doughnut Layer Cake With Mocha Whipped Cream
Many of you have had donuts and coffee before, but probably never like this! This beauty is layered with homemade sour cream donuts and light fluffy mocha whipped cream. Beyond!
Sugar Hero

Bourbon Vanilla Layer Cake
If you notice, this cake gets its' aesthetic straight from a Maker's Mark bourbon bottle. That tells us all we need to know. Get this spirited recipe at 
Sprinkle Bakes  

Gluten Free Carrot Cake With Coconut & Cream Cheese Frosting
Carrot Cake is just one of my favorites. The last time I made one, Miss Shop This and I stood around that cake at midnight and ate half of it before we knew it. It was that good, and I am sure this one is, too.
Dishing Delish  

Ina Garten's Beatty's Chocolate Cake
I just can't get over the look of that fluffy frosting.  This is just about the perfect chocolate cake to me. Watch Ina's step by step video. You'll love her voice.

Butterscotch Apple Spice Cake
This recipe is for those who aren't into loads of frosting, like my friend, Sara. I actually like to eat cake with her because she gives me her frosting! Silly girl. 
Gourmet Traveller 

Jonathan Adler Cake Stand
A delicious cake deserves a stylish stand. Presentation is everything. Now 25% off.
Neiman Marcus

Lemon Honey Beehive Cake
At first glance, I thought "no way could I construct this busy little beehive," until I read that you bake the cake in a beehive form cake pan. The author states that this cake is easy to put together. Can you just imagine the buzz it will provide at your next party?  
Cake Pan:  Amazon  Recipe:  Blahnik Baker

Lemon Cake With Creamy Earl Grey
Gosh, I love lemon cake, don't you? It's always just like a burst of Springtime. This recipe calls for lavender, Earl Grey Tea, Buttermilk, lemons and rosemary. It has got to be good!
A Dash Of Texas

 Vanilla Purple Cake With Lemon Buttercream
I love anything that calls for heavy cream, and this cake does. It also calls for food coloring....I don't like that, but maybe just this one time. Isn't it beautiful?
Peas and Peonies

Six Layer Coconut Covered Chocolate Peeps Cake
Like Tiegan, the author, again, I am opposed to food coloring and Peeps. Today I break the rules to bring this must make recipe for Easter.  And see what's on the knife? A rainbow of marshmallow-y goodness is inside. Click to see it. It's pretty!
Half Baked Harvest  

 Chocolate Brownie Mascarpone Cake With Coconut Walnut Custard
Put a fork in me. I'm done. OMG.  I have never used mascarpone in a frosting, but I will now. The recipe states that it makes the most fluffy, flavorful and cloud-like frosting ever. 
Peas and Peonies  

Red Velvet Bundt Cake
Did you know that Bundt Cakes were a "thing" these days? Apparently there are bakeries specializing in them. Normally I find them boring, but this cake certainly is not. The right pan makes this special. Sur La Table has a good one, and it is on sale.
Sugar Et Al  

Gluten Free Bittersweet Chocolate Chunk & Pecan Torte
Looking for something a little bit healthy? This one is flourless and butterless. Never fear, because of the chunks of bittersweet chocolate and pecans, it is plenty moist. 
Sugar Et Al  

Pink Champagne and Gold Leaf  Layer Cake and Cupcakes
Since we began with champagne, let's end with it, too. Because a birthday girl can never enough of cake or champagne! 
Recipe: Sprinkle Bakes  Gold Leaf: Amazon

Rosanna Cake Stands
It's hard to beat the Rosanna Cake Stand selection. There's a color and size for everything you can bake.

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P.S. Treating myself to a little time off for the B-day. You'll hear from me again next Wednesday. Until then.....
~ Deb ~

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