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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Let Me Call You Sweetheart: Romantic Gifts

Oh Valentine's Day! It can be a hard day for some, For those that have a sweetheart, or at least someone they care for, it is a good idea to make it special. A little thoughtfulness can go a long way. Forgetting the day, is never a good idea! Your gift doesn't have to be grand, as long as the thought behind it is. Here's some gifting inspiration, and a great source for the best cards. Come on, let's celebrate love!

NORDSTROM - Shop gifts in time for Valentine's Day

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Preserved Rose Gift Box
A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose until it dies. That's always so sad.  Avoid fading roses and give a gift that will last five years. I think it is ever so more special than a dozen generic roses from FTD. Pick your color and let love bloom!

NYC Valentine's Dessert Tour
Oh just be sweet...to each other. take a Sugartooth Tour that benefits the Edible Schoolyard Project. You'll stroll through quaint Chelsea hand in hand with cookies from Chelsea Market, down The High Line, into The Meat Packing District, winding up in the West Village. You'll warm up with hot cocoa, and leave with a sugar high after taste testing donuts, cupcakes and more.  You''ll visit off the beaten path shops and bakeries that even the locals will be surprised to learn of. 

Indulgence Kit
Sometimes the best gift is a little special "me time" just for her. Thoughtfulness is always a great prelude to romance. She will love the luxurious silk pajamas to stay cozy all day (and night). The Oui/Non silk sleep mask will let her intentions be known. A little self care goes a long way with the addition of some pampering beauty products like a massage candle and perhaps some Calm soaking salts. All found at 

Heart Cubes
Your place or mine? In romance, it's all about the details...big and small. Why not chill their drink while you warm their heart with a romantic cocktail? They will melt with delight.

Love Coupon Book
Here's is DIY idea that you actually print yourself. 12 cute coupons that bring laughter to the romance. Darling messages that you pick and check the boxes like Dancing on the table, a chance to win an argument, picking the movie and more. Fun that makes a big statement for a small price to pay.

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses
Make beautiful music together! The two of you can perform a sweet symphony on the tabletop. These will add romance to a romantic dinner, or a million laughs to a dinner party.

Faux Mink Throw
These are beautiful. I know first hand, owning the dark brown faux mink lined in velvet. Very luxurious! Present your special someone this cozy throw along with a note that says "Let's Stay In."

Date Night Cooking Classes
Have you heard about the couple that cooks together? This is a very fun date night activity that takes place at your nearest Sur La Table store. Experience an evening of good taste together, then take your skills home at get cook'n in your own kitchen.

Valentine's For The Real World
February 14th may be a Hallmark Holiday, but Emily McDowell says it better. Sometimes irreverent, cheeky and ever so clever. These cards says it like it really is!
Emily McDowell Studio at Etsy

Spoonk Acupressure Mats
Give the gift that keeps on giving.....a better night's sleep, less back pain, better digestion, and more. This prickly present, like love, is a mix of pleasure and a tiny bit of pain, but only until your body gets use to it. It even made the "O" list a few years ago. I am so intrigued. Buy two of them, and you both can experience the pleasure principal of acupressure together. See a video here and then get them on sale at


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