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Monday, November 7, 2016

Good Vibrations

( Via Ana Strumpf )

Today's post was inspired by Saturday Night Live.  It was that hilarious spoof that put both parties and their surrogates in a state of kumbaya. They came together running through crowds holding hands, kissing and hugging others. It was a beautiful thing. After over a year of negativity, don't we all just need to lighten up a little? On election day, I am sending you good vibrations.  Together, even in little ways, we can make a change. Here are a few fab finds. I hope they make you smile and feel those good vibrations.

C. Wonder Embroidered Suede Shoes
Because happiness is a choice!

SHY by SE Diamond Bezel Necklace
Happiness is an inside job, but if you can make someone happy, why not try? Or if they make you happy, let her know it.

French Lavender Sachets Set
Aromatherapy. It's a beautiful thing for our senses and inner peace.  Nine hand stamped and made with 100% linen sachets are scented with French Lavender. Consider each pretty pouch a punch of namaste for your lingerie drawers, luggage or bedside table. Created by Baja Zen

Kate Spade iPhone Case
Laughter really is the best medicine!

Good Vibe Only Mug
What a wonderful way to start your day!
Caffeinated Creationz at Etsy

Thankful Journal
Did you know that it is proven if you start each day with a grateful heart, what you have will always be enough? Find a stylish selection of journals at
Journal and Co. at Etsy  

Charity By Design
This collection is all about empowerment, love, and community. This inspirational selection gives back to charities that mean the most to you. Click to learn more.
Alex and Ani  

Renewed Hope In A Jar Mask
One of the best ways to feel better is to take care of yourself. A good mask will always do it for me. A few minutes of "me time" is a good thing. This product gets rave reviews.

LED Light Up Word
Fill your home with love without saying a word.
West Elm   

Beyond Words Pom Exersocks
Loving these breathable non stick socks. There is a color and affirmation for every day of the week. I think just the right amount of pride keeps us all acting in the best possible way.
Free People  

Moon and Lola Nameplate 
Whether it's your own name or your "go to" word, spell it out with this cool custom chain for keys.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Please go out and vote and do it with a smile!

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