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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It's A Dog's Life At Bitch New York

A shopping trip through the Bitch New York website is like looking through the pages of Doggie Vogue. It is the ultimate source for canine couture and luxe home products for your pampered pooch. They offer fabulous fashion and furnishings for all sizes of dogs and budgets. Best yet, because you are a friend of "Shop This," you can save 20% on every order with Code: SHOPTHIS20. Now Sit. Stay. Shop!

Mohair Blossom Sweater
Oh be still my heart. This pretty pooch looks just like my little Armani. What a special sweater. It's not just for the tiny ones, as it comes up to size large.

Clear Acrylic Dog Bed
Clearly chic and wonderfully retro. What a fab addition to the modern home.
Bitch New York   

Recycled Pom Sweater
Well, these two are just too too dashing! They are comfy, too, in this super soft and cashmere-like sweater. Love that it is eco-friendly. Available for pups up to 45 lbs.
Bitch New York  

Faux Mink Stole
The ultimate accessory for your fashionable little girl. Besides looking tres chic, it will keep her warm, too.
Bitch New York

Bowhaus Black Dog Bed & Crate
A crate lasted about 1 month in my home. The pup hated being in it, and I really didn't like the look of it. This piece is different. One part cocktail table, crate and bed. The perfect answer for the modern home. Also available in white and red.

Rainbow Dog Raincoat
Protect your doggie from inclement weather. The detachable hood is designed to protect its' head and face like an umbrella. With a warm fleece lining, this coat is both fashionable and functional. Other colors available.

Mont Blanc Coat
This oh so Chanel look with camellia and pearls is canine couture for cold weather. Perfect for Apres Ski!

Petote Rio Dog Carrier/Backpack/Carseat
A quilted wonder on wheels that does it all. Most importantly, it is airline approved. If you go first class, why shouldn't your best friend? There are so many features to love about this "must have" for the jetset pet. 

Park Avenue Shrug
One of my favorite finds! The accessory every girl needs. Wear it alone or layer it over tees, dresses and even coats. 

Luxe Dog Blanket
A good blanket is nice to have for the pampered pooch. Make him comfy on the couch, the bed or even in the car. You may just want to cuddle with him!

Rougeberry Mock Sweatshirt
A Fall must have. And what doggie doesn't love a chic check?

La Joie Velvet Sofa
For the elegant home. Luxe velvet with clearly chic acrylic legs. This stylish sofa will blend nicely in your haute home.

Chandelier Build A Bed
Consider this a doggie duvet cover. It is really quite clever. Read all about it.....

Angels of Rock Harness
A faux fur harness that rocks! This faux but fabulous harness will elevate your pups street cred to Rockstar status.
Bitch New York  

Leopard Boots
A real must for all dogs in cold weather cities. That salt, ice, and snow is just so bad for your precious pooch. You'll find a great selection of footwear for Fido. Your buddy will pawsitively thank you!

Hartman & Rose
Some of the most luxurious leather and jeweled dog collars and luxe leashes available. Go for the bling, equestrian chic or something in between. So many to choose from, you may need more than one.
Bitch New York   

Cozy Dog Coat
No more wet dog hair! Fido can now frolic in the snow, play in puddles, and sing in the rain. This stylish suit protects your pup from head to toe. Click to read about all of the many details.
Bitch New York  

Austin Strap Dog Bowls
For your new shiny kitchen. The perfect accessory for stainless steel appliances.
Bitch New York  

 Tie, Collar & Leash Set
For dapper doggies. So handsome any day of the year but perfect for the Holidays, too.
Bitch New York  

Peekaboo Grey Dog Bed
Louisdog's bed is simple but elegant in a classic shade of grey. This is just so cute.
Bitch New York

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