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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Cool Factor

It's so hot in most of the country, I thought we would try to think "cool" today. This roundup features fun finds that have the"cool factor." By that I mean, things that made me say "that's so cool," or "wow" how cool is that? These items are unique and special. They run the gamut from ice spheres, lightbulb moments, and candy that you will want to drink! 

Here's What's Cool 

Spherical Ice Ball Maker
If you have sipped a whiskey at a Gastro Pub or five star lounge, you have probably been served one of these.  This product will let your drink look and stay cooler longer. Best yet, because of this stylish sphere, there is no dilution to your expensive spirits.  Now this is cool.

Lulu Frost Plaza Collection
I have long been obsessed with this collection (Hello, Mr. Shop This?) The designs are inspired by the iconic New York City Plaza Hotel. When the hotel closed for renovations in 2005, designer, Lisa Salzer, came across the original bronze numbers that graced the hallways. She then cast them and replicated the look in letters and numbers with custom chain options. Having stayed at The Plaza many times, this chic collection is sentimental. Who wouldn't mind being gifted with #1?

Kelly Wearstler Keyhole Keychain
In my opinion, anything Kelly Wearstler designs is certainly cool and super luxe. These are unexpected designs in 22K gold platig. If you need a dose of design, go play on her website. 

Cross Body Power 
There is a need for this clever bag. It is the perfect pairing of high tech and high style. It keeps your phone charged while you are out and about! I love that it is Eco and animal friendly, yet buttery soft and lined in satin. Pick your fave color from 13 stylish shades and get powered up on the go!

Metallic Dipped Light Bulbs
I literally had a light bulb moment when I found these beautiful bulbs. I have two custom metal shades with an open metalwork design. These are the perfect bulbs! Just think of the glam glow they will cast. Also available in silver.

 David Bowie Wood Block Print
Talented artist, Myriam Santos, helps us all channel our inner rock star. Click below to read about her interesting process. Not a fan? There is Willie Nelson and Ozzie Osbourn art, too.

Tomato Vine Candle
This candle must smell like Summer! It's a collaboration of Food52 and Hawkins New York. It is the true essence of "farm to table," with an earthy and slightly sweet smell. I just love the idea of it. The perfect Summer host gift.

LED Lapel Flash Light
Now I realize there is nothing too unusual about a flash light, but I have never come accross one that you wear. Its a super safety device for evening skiing, bike riding, jogging or running. I love it for children, too. A bright idea!

Josie Maran Argan Oil Mask
 I am a bit obsessed with this product. First of all, aren't the colors pretty? Made with Argon oil by Super model Josie Maran, this magical mask nourishes, soothess, refines and firms your face. And while you are doing good things for your complexion, you get an aromatherapy experience. I have only had a sample, but I loved it so much, I just ordered it from


Gummy Bears
If you have been on va-cay or under a rock for the last week or so, maybe you have not heard of this cult candy. From the makers of Champagne Gummy Bears, the newest sweet offering is one part candy and another part wine. It sold out in two hours, but you can get on the wait list by clicking below. Cheers!
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As you might be able to tell, I am still without my lovely little laptop. Apologies for any formatting issues. I am being challenged to the max!

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