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Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Birthday Girls: Gifts They Will Love!

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A new month and a new bunch of birthdays to celebrate, including my special friend, Sara. Whether or not you believe in the stars, why not gift a girl with something that matches her personality? Scorpio women reign until November 22nd. They are said to be adventurous, passionate, perceptive, possessive, forever friends, focused, great entertainers, secretive, smart and the sexiest sign in astrology! After November 22nd, optimistic, enthusiastic, honest, restless Sagittarius takes over. Both types of women are interesting and oh so gift worthy!

HERE: 12 Great Gift Ideas

Intuitive Psychic Reading
I am neither one of these signs, but I would just love this gift, and I think a Scorpio Girl would, too. She seems to "just know" things. Hollywood intuitive Aiden Chase will provide answers to all her questions as well as giving her clear, useful information to help her turn her goals into realities. 

Trish Mc Evoy The Power of Organization Makeup Planner
Scorpio women have powerful personalities and enjoy being in power at all times. She will also understand the "power of makeup." This set has everything one needs to look your best and be organized throughout your day. I can speak to the quality of Trish's beauty products. Her eyeliner pencil is really the best!

Aurora Stripe Mug & Dessert Plate Set
Scorpio girls love to entertain and will go to great lengths and expense to make sure everything is wonderful.  This set will entertain her playful side and love of the color gold.

Oui Oui Porcelain Tray
Sag girls are the consummate optimists. And they have beautiful taste. Give her one of these terrific trays and she will certainly say, yes!

Personalized and Hand-Signed Copy of Occasions by Kate Spade
Any entertainer, no matter what her sign, will treasure this book that takes the reader into the colorful world of Kate Spade. "Kate says, "Making your guests feel at home is truly an art and it's one worth cultivating." A Sagitarian or a Scorpio girl will treasure this book.

Fictions Eau De Parfum - Paris
The adventurous Scorpion certainly would fly to Paris and not tell a soul. She is secretive that way. Think shaded violet leaves, hints of leather, the promise of a stolen kiss. 

Ben's Garden French Crystal Paperweight
The adventurous Sagitarian girl lives by this motto.

Smythson Panama Notebook
Luxe and little. The Scorpio Girl can be honest to a fault. She has lots of thoughts like this title suggests. This gift will make her smile. Barney's has a book for every type of personality.

XO Pajamas
Scorpio's are fiercely loyal and take their friendships seriously. Give her a little love back with these chic and cozy jams. Click to see an enlarged version of this playful print.
Serena and Lily

Fifty Shades Movie
Known as the most sexual of all signs, Scorpio girls will not blush at the "escapades" within this movie. It took the world by storm, and your sexy Scorpio friend will love it.

Kate Spade Large Pad
Say what you want about those strong willed Scorpios, they usually get what they want, because they are so darn smart!  Give them a place to put all of those brilliant thoughts. These also make cute table gifts for a girls night out.

Passion Essential Oil Rollerball
Perhaps the most passionate girl on the charts, she will appreciate this fragrant essential oil. 21 Drops has a cult following, and a fragrance that addresses every concern. 

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