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Monday, August 24, 2015

Dress Your Desk: Back To School Supplies For Grown Ups

Do you remember the excitement of filling a cart with back to school supplies? I usually went for the white 3 ring binders with the plastic sleeve in front. That way I could change up the look of the binder any time the mood struck. As an adult, it's hard to get too excited over a black Sharpie or a Disney Frozen file folder, but I do like to be surrounded by fabulous things. Don't you? As your volunteer work reconvenes, the kids school and sports schedules rule your own, or you begin your next home or personal project, let's do it with style! 

HERE:   17 Stylish Supplies That Make The Grade

Rifle Paper Company
I am totally crushing on this colorful collection of journals, notepads and cases. It's all just so lively and lovely. See the collection at
Paper Source

Beverly Hills Lucite Desk
If you don't have a desk to dress, here's a clearly chic choice. I just love it.
One Kings Lane

Planner Paper Clips Bookmarks
No matter what's on your agenda, these chic clips will keep you organized and on time.
Dear Lola Design Studio at Etsy

Hay's Box Box Set Desktop
These boxes are simply stacked with style! Select a set that matches your decor. They are perfect for storing electronic accessories and every day clutter. 
A Plus Store

Colored Pencils and Brass Holder Set
Not exactly your childhood set. Encourage creativity at home or at the office. This is a statement piece for any desk.
The Zhush

Kate Spade NY Desktop Business Card Holder
"Shop This" definitely needs this for my business cards! So cute! 
Neiman Marcus

Acrylic Home Office Accessories
Tackle that "To Do" list with style. Choose the set or the pieces individually.

Apollo Bookends
Jet black marble will anchor your office and display your books with bold elegance.
Barney's New York

Bernard Maisner Notebooks
Notebooks that make a statement about your mood of the day or your general personality. What a clever gift!

Moo Luxe Calling Cards
No matter what your business is - Mother, Artist, Student, Blogger, CEO - you need a personal calling card. The official Shop This business card was purchased here. I uploaded my blog design and created it myself. I couldn't be happier with the card, the service, and the presentation. Design your own or order one of their clever designs.

Gentle Reminder Pencils
I agree with Lucky Magazine. These pencils are the perfect positive reminder to do your very best every day. Fun!

Patent Leather File Tote
For style on the go or at home. No file cabinet needed.
Office Candy

Ben's Garden Paperweight
Every girl should have one of these on their desk.

Personalized Notebook
This handmade hard cover notebook is the best little gift! Available in three designs, and is another "Shop This" must have item. 
Splendid Supply Company at Etsy

Groove Resin iPad Stands
Your iPad just got cooler! These stylish stands bring a haute hue to your desktop. Very groovy indeed.
Fossil Faux

Acrylic Boxes By Twos Company
So very right for a bright at home look. This Box Set is both fabulous and functional!
Burke Decor

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