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Thursday, January 30, 2014

In The Mood For Romance

(Via Izak Zenou)

Mr. "Shop This" actually brought up Valentine's Day
last night, much to my surprise.  So, I'm thinking
maybe he has romance on his mind. In actuality, he
was thinking about chop suey. Hmmm. He will have
to come up with something romantic to get me to
prepare his (not mine) favorite dish.  

Here's How To Set The Mood

Global Views Escalier Candleholders 
Candlelight is absolutely one of my ingredients 
for a romantic mood. Crystal holders create a
luxe look and mix well with any decor.
Neiman Marcus

Sur La Table sells a smoke free and dripless pillar candle at a fair price

Five Amour Minutes Pillowcase Set
Do your pillows speak to you?
Mod Cloth

Tulle Maxi Slip
When was the last time you wore a slip?
Changing it up a bit, just may do the trick.
Free People

Avani Slim Burner By Brasafire
Nothing beats a roaring fire in a real fireplace.
But if that isn't possible, light your own fire
with this nifty tabletop fire burner.
Burke Decor

Save 20% with Code: SUNSHINE. Ends 02/04

Hudson Park Faux Fur Blankets
Cuddle up in front of the fire in these
fabulous faux fur blankets. Now on sale at

Swissmar AlpenGlow Electric Fondue Set
What is more romantic than a fondue meal for 2?
Sur La Table

Love Champagne Flute Set Of Twelve
Love is the same in any language. Here
love is stated six different ways.
Share the love!
Layla Grayce

Illume Color Block Tins
Take your love on the road and travel
with these super stylish and fabulously
scented travel candles.
Zinc Door

ISUN - Uplifting And Centering Body Oils Set 
Find your Zen within each other with 
this sensual set for massage.
Beauty Habit

Pure '80's Love
With songs like, Truly by Lionel Richie, 
and Never Gonna Let You Go, this is 
the best less than $10 you ever spent! 

And If you are without a roaring fire if your own,  enjoy this toasty treat. My dear friend, Barbara
sent it to me from her lakeside fireplace.
Happy to share the heat with you!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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