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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Travel Thursday: Get There In Style

(Image Via Vanity Fair)

Many of you will be taking a Holiday
this Summer.  No matter where your
travels take you, here's what you need
to get there in style.
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Packing Pretty
I know, I know, the airlines can really
beat up baggage. Which means we need
to pack smart with good looking inexpensive
luggage or bullet proof quality bags.

Travel expert Samantha Brown has 
designed her own line of luggage. It
is intuitive and really makes a fashion
statement. Best of all, it looks so much
more expensive than it really is!

Tumi gets a little makeover with their new
Tegra Lite Line. Don't worry about these
white wonders, they can be wiped down 
easily. Tumi offers impact resistance on a 
hard-side packing case with lightweight ease and maneuverability. In four colors.

I just love a good duffle bag, don't you? 
Diane Von Furstenberg's Wheeled Box Bag
packs a punch. The sale price makes it
affordable, as well. This is one chic carry-on!

Packing Practical

Tag your bag!  A baggage tag is a must have.
Might as well have fun with it.  Maybe if you
make the baggage handlers smile, they will 
take better care of your baggage.  These
cyber tags can be found at

Your shoes will thank you for these
 simple cotton bags. These sole savers
sell for a song! Pack a pair or two.

Granted, this isn't pretty, but neither is
sleeping on a plane. And this soft jersey
blanket comes cootie free. For those who 
really want practicality, it doubles as a
pillow when stored in its' pouch!

The Tech Traveller

Hands down, for me, my tech gadgets are my
most precious cargo.  I like to pack them 
carefully and chicly. No one does an i-Pad
Case better than these embossed Python
protectors. Find them at 

Kate Spade's Le Pavilion iPad Mini Case
 has maximum style with classic dots.

LeSportsac's Patent Laptop Bag is
shiny, stylish and so very affordable.

Security Line Style

Just like their iPad cases, Gigi NY'S
passport cases are so lovely, they will
even impress the TSA Agent!

It seems we all have to show way 
TMI in the airport security lines. 
These pouches will keep your necessities
secure in style yet readily available to
be inspected.  A great gift set!

Flying colors. If you are a practical traveler
or traveling with kids, these rubber travel
essentials get you thru those lines
with primary colors.  Nicely priced sets at

The Stylish Traveler

I just can't believe how people dress to
travel these days! Upgrade your own
personal style with these key and comfy
pieces from 

The perfect fit Paris Trouser!
They are slimming, comfortable
and come in tall, short, and reg. lengths.

Bon Voyage!

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