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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bridal Bliss

(Image Via Beverly Brown)

Many moons ago on this very day, I was married. As a bride to be, I didn't want to look like a princess, a mermaid, or a southern belle with a hoop. I wanted to look stylish and in keeping with the times, a little "haute hippi-ish." I only tried on one dress. If I had it to do all over again, there are the styles that put me in a state of bridal bliss. 
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Claire Pettibone's Dragonfly Dress would be my 
"one dress" this year.  It is today's version of hippie chic and at the same time very ethereal. Even with all of the sparkle and color, it remains delicate. The jeweled headband would replace my own large brimmed hat. Adore!

(Image Via You and Your Wedding)

Because I think sleeves are almost a must
for an elegant bride, I add this Chanel gown
 from Paris Couture Fashion Week S/S13
to my edits. It would be great fun to 
wear those lace boots, as well.

(Image Via Shawn Punch Fashion Photography)

Why not pink? Love this gown by 
Isabel Zapardiez. The head band is perfect.

(Image Via You and Your Wedding)

I surprised myself by selecting this Rosa Clara gown. The skirt is rather full and it is so very white. But I really love the close fitting top and skirt with pockets!  The addition of a fabulous necklace is needed!

(Image Via Vogue)

If I was doing a small non-ceremony
wedding, Emilio Pucci's coat/dress
is really a luxe modern look.

(Image Via Austin Wedding Blog)

Vera Wang offers several black wedding gowns. They all seem a bit severe to me.  But this gown, and I can't find the designer, detailed in black and white is fabulous! And the little bit of sleeve meets my need
for a gown with a sleeve.

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