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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Wedding Wednesday: Uncommon Gifting

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My marriage was many moons ago, but I still have my gift list. There were seven toasters, and 15 candlesticks. Needless to say, I could relate to the above photo. You, too?  When looking for a wedding gift, if you choose to go rouge and off the gift registry, at least take a look at it. Better yet, look for a thoughtful uncommon gift.  Perhaps something made just for the couple. UncommonGoods is the perfect place to start. It's an online marketplace that connects makers and their creations with individuals looking for truly special goods.  If you are planning a wedding or attending one, this post for you. Here's some one stop shopping for the bride, the groom, and all of the members of your wedding party. Get gifting!

Give them an experience that's musical, memorable, and above all, fun. Hopefully, your newlyweds will make beautiful music together for the rest of their lives.

Toast the new couple! The perfect gift for wine connoisseurs, and a very clever idea for Wine Country weddings. Created by  Chicago-based artist Alexander Doll. One of my favorite ideas in the edit.

A photo print by Philadelphia artist Patricia Carlin is a delightful way to commemorate a wedding or anniversary in either color or black and white photo prints. It symbolizes the crossing of paths of the bride and groom.

Beating Heart Sculpture
Created by Philippe Bouveret, this is one romantic keepsake. "Through the power of gravity alone, the body's most symbolic organ "beats" inside a clear glass bottle." They'll get the message in this bottle.

Something Old, Something New. This gift will keep all of those romantic details looking new and organized for years to come. It's a library style system for storing a dried boutonniere, a garter, the cake topper and more. A very thoughtful gift.

A shining celebration of love and romance.  It's a style savvy token of affection.

For the couple you will drive through life together and love a good roadie! In addition to 16 essential tools and four lowball glasses, the case has three padded chambers that hold a trio of your favorite liquors and mixers

Gift your guys with a little grooming on the go. A compact kit will fit inside a briefcase, backpack, glove compartment, or golf bag. Perfect for tight budgets as it is less than $25

Titanium Multi-Tool Collar Stays
For snappily dressed guys who like to multi-task.  This is a sleek and neat gift that allows gentlemen to look good while they pop their collar, pop a bottle, or tighten a screw.  A cool tool, that's affordable, too.

Cufflinks are a natural choice for the guys. But come on, you are more clever than that! Your modern men can now dress for success by keeping these terrific tech accessories on hand (or cuff.)

Getting personal with your best guys is a good thing. These socks are also a sure way to keep the groomsmen within your wedding day dress code. Choose initials, name, or a phrase of your choice. Just keep it clean.

Perhaps the perfect guy find. It's handsome, sustainable, and oh so useable. Constructed by hand from sturdy stainless steel and sustainably sourced cedar wood, Jackson Bartlett's handsome flask features a heady blend of rustic and manmade materials.

LBD Garment Bag
Just the cutest carry all ever! A zip-up cover to protect clothes, keep closets tidy, and tote clothing around town. Any girl will love it!

Aromatherapy Deluxe Gift Set
Give the gift of inner peace. Your maids have put up with you for many moons prior to the wedding. Now it is your turn to keep them centered in a scent-ational way. I love the presentation of these therapeutic-grade essential oils. Handmade in Brooklyn.

This is a gift with a really good story. Created by artist, Nancy Nelson, who wishes to evoke a sense of love with her jewelry. "I want it to speak to the wearer, whether it be through the love of a beekeeper, a sense of wonder, or a genuine love for how we are all connected." Let your gal pals know that you will always be connected to them.

As they say, this bracelet is "So cool you'll forget it's a tool." It's lightweight, minimalist, and well, hip to the max.  Also available in gold.

Solar System Bath Bombs Set
Lunar Lather: Indulge your girls in the effervescence of natural ingredients, including mica, orchids, sandalwood, saffron, and honey — your favorite stargazer will love some Zen time, thanks to you.

Find A Gift They'll Love
Start shopping with Sunny. She's all ears, and an expert gift guide. All you have to do is answer a few questions, and Sunny will give you a page of suggestions. It's really Gifting For Dummies or, in this case, Dumbos.
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