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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Company's Coming: Ready The Guest Room

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There’s nothing that says “perfect host” more than readily anticipating your houseguests’ needs. With the holidays upon us, chances are you will have an overnight guest over the next month or two. It can be great fun if you are prepared.  Your guests will appreciate any of these thoughtful gestures and fabulous finds. 

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Gobi Embroidered Sheet Sets
The very best way to welcome your guest is to give them a good night's rest.  These linens feature a simple adornment that represents the endless knot of wisdom, itself inspired by an ancient Buddhist motif.  Made of luxe cotton sateen, the sheeting is available in nine wonderful colors.
Serena and Lily

Acrylic Bed Tray
Clearly chic and a clear companion for breakfast in bed. Your guest will also use it for getting a little late night work done on the laptop. 

Baudelaire Alpine Milk Guest Soap
Using a large bar of soap is such a waste for guests. They won't use it all, and you won't use it after they have left. These are reasons why I like to have some beautiful guest soaps on hand for company.  Goat milk and honey-rich and just $3 per bar. Isn't the honeycomb design lovely?

Huggable Hangers
One of my favorite things. I have been using these ever since Miss Shop This went to college. They are the best space saving hanger there is. And most importantly, they are strong, sturdy, and come in 21 colors.

Ombre Silk Hot Water Bottle
Let's face it. Tummy troubles happen, especially after eating too much Thanksgiving dinner.  What could be more comforting than silk and velvet? A good host is ready for anything.

Hedgehouse Velvet Oxford Throwbed
This little roll up bed is made for creating cozy chic comfort almost anywhere. Each piece is made of velvet and filled with a soft, lightweight layer for an instant cushion wherever needed. A luxe necessity for extra guests or nights by the fire.
Serena and Lily

Organic Cotton Comforter
An extra blanket or comforter is a good idea, especially in the colder months.  These are a natural, breathable, hypoallergenic down alternative. Designed to insert into any duvet cover, but its smooth, soft 220-thread-count shell lets it stand alone, too.

Monogram Memo Pad Gift Set
What a thoughtful gift for less than $20. Perfect to have awaiting your house guest, or for anyone on your gift list this year.
Neiman Marcus

Bamboo Charcoal Infused Toothbrush Set
At the minimum, one should have a spare toothbrush available. Why not make it one that is good for your guests? If you haven't heard of the benefits of charcoal for your teeth yet, google in. It's very interesting.

Pacific Coast Featherbeds
Have you actually tested out your guest bed lately? A good host will give it a try. If it doesn't provide five star comfort, a heavenly featherbed will help. My sofa bed sports two of them when guests are in residence. Now on sale for 20% off 
Pacific Coast

Acrylic Luggage Rack
Give your guests hotel treatment. This clearly chic accessory will make unpacking a breeze.

The Laundress Travel Pack
This Travel Pack includes everything they need to make life easier while away from home: Fabric Fresh Classic scent, Delicate Wash, Crease Release, Stain Solution, Laundry Bag and Case. A lovely nicety to leave out on the bathroom vanity.

Bicolor Sheets
A Frette classic on smooth, soft and lustrous plain-weave cotton sateen. If you have fancy friends, like I do, you get treated to Frette fine linens when you visit. Expensive, but probably so worth it!

Cora Bedside Carafe
Providing water for a guest is not only nice, it really is a must. I mean, afterall, you don't want your guest roaming around in the dark looking for the kitchen. This set is less than $15 but worth a million to a thirsty guest.

If you have stayed a five star hotel, like a Ritz Carlton, you may have experienced a "pillow menu." It's the greatest thing. And I like to provide pillow option for my guests as well. With allergies, you will want to have some down and feather free options. The stomach sleepers need a soft pillow, and back sleepers usually prefer firm. You can find any kind of pillow you can dream of at
The Company Store

Petite Wax Sachet
These pretties are beautifully scented and presented in the closet, drawer, or hanging from a knob. A very inexpensive way to freshen a room.
Soft Surroundings

A By Amara Waffle Collection
Simple luxuries. Made from 100% cotton, this collection features a waffle textured finish and is available in two sleek colorways.  Just like at their favorite spa, your guests will feel pampered with these robes and towels.

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