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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Stylish Supplies For Parents, Students & Teachers

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It's beginning to be "that time" of the year again. There is plenty of warm days ahead, but the calendar is reminding us school is starting soon. Now is the time to get prepared. Here's a roundup of stylish supplies that promise to keep you organized at home or school.

Kate Spade Dahlia 17 Month Agenda
Stylishly plan for everything from the littlest to the biggest occasions. Dated for August 2017-December 2018.

2017-2018 Great Big Calendar
 This 24.75" x 19.25" calendar makes it actually possible to write on. Now everyone in the family can see just what is going on every day for 17 months. Now planning ahead is easy and fun!
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Motivational Pen Set
Who doesn't need good vibes? Phrases are: you got this, goal getter, make today great, work hard & be kind and choose happiness.

Personalized Chevron Notebook
Develop a child's love of writing with their very own lined notebook.

Coronet Calendar
Save the date with brass coated steel style. Such an attractive calendar for the dressy desktop at home or the office.

Geode File Folders
Stay on track and on trend with these fabulous file folders.

Personalized Binder
Binders are important for organized students. Here's a stylish selection for kids of all ages.

Russell & Hazel One Day At A Time Notepad Set
This set makes the best gift for men or women. 3 large pads with golden edges. Now on sale at

Russell + Hazel Desk Accessories
Desktop essentials: Marble sticky notes and gold jumbo paper clips. So chic!

Fringe Studio
I just discovered this fine line of agendas, journals and desk accessories. It's all reasonably priced and ever so fun!

Hashtag File Folders
File fashionably. You'll be the most stylish student (or teacher) in school!

Painted Name Children's Stationery
I love the idea of giving a child their own stationery. It makes being polite fun. Today's kids have a lot to be thankful for. Teach them to write a proper thank you.

Sorority Recruitment Pocket Folder
Stand out in the crowd. The perfect way to organize all of the "Rush Paperwork." A great gift for the coed.

Neon Frisco Magazine File
100% cute and 100% made from recycled materials. A fun way to store your mags, file folders and paper work.

Preppy Mod Notebook Set
Don't you love it when your writing accessories are as fashionable as your outfit?

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