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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Gifts For September Birthday Girls

Cue the confetti! The September birthday girl is about to celebrate either as a Virgo or a Libra. Virgos have keen minds, love to chat, and are quite witty (Mollie). They also complete their tasks to perfection with the patience of a saint, making them avid crafters. If a Virgo is involved, you can be sure that everything will run without a hitch and will be well organized. Virgos are also trendsetters and very reliable. Libra ladies are all about balance and stability. They seek harmony. With that in mind, here's some birthday gift inspiration for you and your September birthday girls.


HERE: 12 Terrific Ideas

Absolutely Beautiful Things
Written by interior designer, Anna Spiro, and just perfect for the Libra girl who loves to be surrounded by beauty and harmony. Be sure to write a personal message in the book.

Luxury Case For iPhone 6
Perfect for a chatty Virgo girl and her sparkling conversations

Kate Spade 17 Month Agenda
Re-sized to fit in smaller handbags, this thoughtful gift is now personalized and perfect for busy September girls.

I'm Fabulous Cosmetics
Organic fragrance oil that smells like an exotic citrus candy you will want to lick! The Mother Earth in your September friend will love this simple but sensational, no fuss fragrance.

Wool And The Gang Kits
For the craftsy Virgo chick. Such fun kits of fine Alpaca wool! Girls good with their hands will really appreciate anything from this chic collection. Can't decide? Get a gift card.
Wool and The Gang

Mara Hoffman Yoga Mat
Mara Hoffman is known for her globally inspired fashion. Chances are the September Libra lady will be looking for balance and harmony in her life. Yoga may be her passion. Why not have the best mat in class?

Embellished Tassels
Trendsetting Virgos already know that Fringe and Tassels are huge this year. She will appreciate your fashion forward find.
Bauble Bar

Monday to Sunday Bamboo Muslins
Aurelia Skincare offers a very practical but pretty way to cleanse one's skin. Made with organic bamboo fibers, these cloths are a lovely luxury.

Clairbella Personalized Desk Planner
The perfect gift for the very organized Virgo girl!  In fact, any girl would love dressing her desk with all the pretty patterns.

Leather List Pad
For those organized obsessed Virgo ladies.
Graphic Image

Diane Keaton Memoirs, Signed
An intelligent and witty Virgo of a certain age will just love this very clever gift. I'm an Aires and I want it!
One King's Lane

Rebecca Minkoff iPhone Charger
Studded with style and compact enough for a small clutch. Perfect for a Virgo who has that gift for gab. She will always be charged and ready to chat.
Rebecca Minkoff

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