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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Exciting Exits

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If you are in the middle of planning a wedding like my Fairy God Daughter, Emily, and my dear friends, Barbara and Caitlin, you know that it is "all about the details." From start to finish, everything matters, including how the evening ends.

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HERE: Eight Exciting Exit Ideas

~ Flower Power ~

If you are a traditionalist, you may opt for flower power as you exit the church or wedding ceremony venue. Your guests will have great fun tossing the petals (real or fabric.) An interesting choice for flower petals are Freeze Dried Rose Petals in assorted colors. See them at Beau Coup. Flowerfetti at Etsy has a lovely selection of paper cones for the petals. 

~ Ribbons In The Sky ~

Ribbon Wands
Lend a dash of flair and have your guests wave these in the air. Use coordinating colors to match your palette. The long wand allows the guests to make an arch for the couple to exit through. Find Personalized Wands at Beau-Coup. Or if you are into lace, these Lace Wands are mixed with ribbons in the colors of your choice, for a fanciful effect. Find them at Craft Up Your Life at Etsy

~ Tiny Bubbles ~

Wedding Bubbles
I love everything to do with "bubbles." From champagne bubbles to those in the tub. They are all clearly happy. A bubble send off is an easy and fun idea. Problem is, I think the marketplace is lacking in tasteful Bubble Containers.  Enter......

Champagne Bubbles
Invite your guests to pop them open in celebration!
Beau Coup

~ Let Sparks Fly ~

Wedding Sparklers
Don't you just love a sparkler? They add such a, well, sparkle to any event.  Beau-Coup has Sparklers all the way up to 36" long. Light up the way home for the bride and groom. For an added touch, add a Sparkler Tag to each sparkling wand. Loving Green Belt Farm's Golden Tags. Don't forget to add the signage for the grand exit. This is a good one from Sparkle and Twine at Etsy.

~ Cue The Confetti ~

Push Pop Confetti
Fewer things represent a party better than balloons and  confetti. As fun and colorful as it is, check with your church or wedding venue, if it is allowed. This brand seems to be one of the best ways to deliver a burst of happiness on the newly married couple. They even offer a eco-friendly option. See the confetti collection at....

~ Light Up The Sky ~

Wish Lanterns
The release of a lantern will symbolize the hopes, dreams and wishes for your new life together as a couple. The bride and groom could ceremoniously release one wedding lantern at end of the wedding reception to symbolize the joining of two souls into one for eternity. Have the guests make a wish for the couple, too. The more lanterns, the more dramatic the exit. Do check with the city or county for rules about lantern releases.  Find them at The Bourne on Etsy.

~ Life's A Beach ~

Mini Beach Balls
Better than confetti in the sand, a mini beach ball is the perfect toss during a beach wedding recessional. Mini beach balls can be found at AMAZON

Kate Spade Just Married Decal
Drive off in style!

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