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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Foodie Friday ~ A Chic Cookout For Memorial Day & Beyond

(Via Serena & Lily )

This year, why not elevate your grill game? We all love a good hamburger, hot dog, or a slab of ribs. But wouldn't it be fun to surprise your guests by just giving your menu and table setting a few stylish twists? A pinch of parsley, a flavored ice cube, a pretty plate - it all matters.

HERE: A Collection Of Chic Cookout Ideas

Blue Deviled Eggs With Roasted Garlic And Asparagus 
What's a cookout without a deviled egg?  Think beyond the mayo and mustard, and transform those eggs to works of art this year! And yes, that's bacon you see.
How Sweet It Is

Boneless Rib Eye Steaks with Chimichurri
My new obsession is Chimichurri.  It's really just parsley, oregano, chile flakes, oil, vinegar, garlic, and pepper, but it adds a pop to almost everything. It really is perfectly paired with grilled meats.

Grilled Corn Salad
Grilled corn. Isn't it delicious? And I think it is even better when cut off the cob. This make ahead salad is best after marinating in the fridge. The Blue Lagoon Pandan Tray can be found at World Market. Recipe at
Waiting On Martha

Grilled Pork Chops with Concord Grapes
The star of this recipe is a big fat bone in rib pork chop. My favorite! Chef Mario Batali creates it with seedless purple grapes, but blueberries would be as good. I plan to try out this recipe this weekend.
Food and Wine

Milano Enamelware Collection
Chic doesn't have to be fancy. This collection of dinnerware is bright and cheerful. So much fun to mix and match.
Serena and Lily

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Everything But The Kitchen Sink Pasta Salad
I rarely find a pasta salad appealing. This recipe is different. It's so colorful and easy to prepare. 
Half Baked Harvest

Grilled Sriracha-Tahini Sweet Potato Skewers with Halloumi
I love a good kabob, but I never had skewered Sweet Potatoes. Sounds yummy. The kicker in the ingredients, of course, is the Sriracha!
Naturally Ella

Whiskey Sour Tart
Don't you just love a good boozy dessert? This one is just dripping with deliciousness. Get the step by step directions in a great video.

Grilled Portobello & Peach Burgers
I do love a Portobello mushroom. They are so hearty, making them a natural replacement for meat. Add Sweet Potato Fries, Guacamole and grilled peaches, and you get one beautiful burger.
Design Sponge

Cuban Fish Tacos with Citrus Mango Slaw + Chipotle Lime Crema
A Mexican fiesta is always a fun theme for a cookout. This one begins with grilled salmon or Mahi Mahi. The citrus really brightens up the entire dish.
Half Baked Harvest

Ruby Citrus Mojito
 This just looks like the perfect Summer Cocktail. Create this marvelous Mojito at the beautiful outdoor bar below.
A Beautiful Mess

Riviera Bar Console
"Part bar, part party bucket, this console is always ready for a good time." Just great for pool or patio!
Serena and Lily

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Flavor Infused Ice Cubes
This is something I do for company and Mr. Shop This.  It's simple and really makes a difference for a glass of water or cocktail. Anything you can do to make your guests feel special is worth trying.
Martha Stewart

Steven Raichlen's Salt-Crusted Beef Tenderloin Grilled in Cloth
There will be plenty of oohs and ahhhs when your guests watch your grilling skills in this unique recipe.  My own Father  encrusted meat with a heavy coating of salt. No worries, it all burns off.

Grilled Tofu Steaks with Piquillo Salsa Verde
Please don't knock Tofu until you've tried it.  It is a perfect pick for grilling, as it holds up well.  I have only grilled in in a grill pan, I can only imagine how it tastes infused with the smoky flavor of a barbecue!
Food and Wine

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Peaches with Balsamic Glaze
This recipe proves that everything is better with bacon, even fruit! I love the fanciful flourish of Balsamic drizzle.
Foodie Crush

Lemon Meringue Custards
When life gives you lemons, make custard! This desert is like lemon meringue pie but with the crust on the side.  A kitchen torch will come in handy. You can find one at Sur La Table.
Sprinkle Bakes

Grilled Tuna Nicoise Salad
This is one of my favorite dishes in the world! If it is on the menu, I'm ordering it. This is a beautifully prepared dish for a Summer luncheon. Grill the tuna in advance, and make the prettiest platter ever. Your guests will love helping themselves.
Wolfgang Puck

Simple Blackberry Cobbler
{ Vegan & GF }
Easy and scrumptious looking.  Your food challenged guests will just love you for serving this chic cobbler!
Minimalist Baker

Zesty Orange and Mint Watermelon Salad
The added mint and Balsamic makes this one blissful bite! I love the idea of serving the stylish squares on a rectangular platter. I found these Luminous Treat Platters at Pier One.
Laura Kelp

Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Ice Cream {Vegan and GF}
The perfect ending to any outdoor party. If you don't have an ice cream maker, I can recommend This Cuisinart model at Macys, and it is now on sale.
Heather Christo

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