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Thursday, March 19, 2015

March Madness Munchies: Game Changing Recipes & More

Besides being the first day of Spring, today also marks the start of March Madness or the battle of the brackets! My choice was to source seasonal recipes like asparagus with hollandaise and pastel petit fours, or chose all things boozy, gooey, salty and sweet. Mr. "Shop This," my Foodie Friday Sous Chef, won. 

HERE:  17 Savory & Sweet Treats

Craft LA Short Rib Sliders Recipe
Barbecue beef short rib sliders with cheddar and coleslaw. Though I would try this without the bun, these little sliders are ever so stylish!
Lifestyle Mirror

Honeyed Blue Cheese Dip with Spicy Cauliflower Wings
I wouldn't eat a chicken wing if you paid me, but give me sweet and spicy Cauliflower, I'm a happy camper. Such an easy recipe with so many flavors!
Healthy Aperture

Mini Meatball Pizza
Who can resist a meatball? This pizza recipe is made with fresh mozzarella and roasted red peppers. Saucy enough even for Mr. Shop This!
How Sweet Eats

The Petite Pizzeria
The above recipe can be whipped up in minutes with one of my favorite things - this pizza maker! It makes a great gift, and I promise you will love it. We adore ours. It's nicely reduced right now at 
Sur La Table

Margherita Pizza Popcorn
If pizza and popcorn had a baby......
Nosh On It

Pop & Roast Stovetop Snack Maker
The above recipe calls for a hand cranked popcorn maker.  The Zippy Snack Maker is super cool, and goes way beyond popcorn. Watch the magical video and see what else it can make.
Sur La table

Mascarpone and Goat Cheese Torta with Smoked Salmon
A luxe offering for foodie guests. There are a few details to the instructions, but the end result will be worth it.

Spicy BLT Green Bloody Marys
If you believe everything is better with bacon, this Bloody is for you!
Fresh parsley and green tomatoes give this cocktail it's color. Doesn't it look as if it is good for you, too?
Heather Christo

Shrimp Nachos
Iron Chef, Masaharu Morimoto, elevates the standard nacho recipe. The combination of Asian and Western ingredients is a nice update for pickier palettes. (like me)
Lifestyle Mirror

Blue Cheese Hot Wing Dip
As seen on Southern Living, this recipe is easier to handle than your traditional 'hot wing." The ingredient list features all of your favorite wing components. Yum!
My Recipes

Caramelized Apple, Bacon, and Blue Cheese Pan Pizza
When Domino's Pizza just won't do (and it never does), treat your guests to something homemade, sophisticated and delicious!
Pop Sugar

Antipasti Kabobs
I just can not resist a recipe with a creative presentation. The hardest part of this easy recipe might be finding the Mother's In Law pasta. If your local market doesn't carry it, you can find it at Amazon. Clock HERE
Roti n Rice

And A Little Something For The Sweet 16

B - Ball Bundles
A really cute gift to send across the miles or to thank your host. This set is made with the iconic Garrett Mix which combines sweet CaramelCrisp with savory CheeseCorn. It comes complete with branded scoop, napkins, authentic Garrett bags and a complimentary foam basketball. Avoid the long lines in Chicago and click to buy.
Garrett Popcorn

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Peanut Butter Cupcakes with Boozy Butterscotch Frosting
These promise to rock your world. And just the thought of how they will taste - the sweet with the salty and the headiness of whiskey has me reeling. Mmmmm Good!
Half Baked Harvest

Beer-Pretzel Caramel & Burnt Toast Caramel Duo
"Salty, crunchy, melty, sweet." Yes please! Sweet and salty is just the perfect bite. These will be a big hit sitting in a bowl at game time, or the perfect host gift, anytime.
Provisions at Food52

Almost Healthy Snickers
Something to snack on for those of you who have cut out sugar from their diet. With ingredients like dates, almonds, coconut oil and chocolate, how can these not be good?
Michelle Kristensen

Slow Cooker S'mores Brownies
This is my next slow cooker test recipe. No slaving over a hot stove or heating up the oven.  A fun sweet treat for sports lovers of all ages.
Something Swanky
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