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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tricks & Treats: Candy Recipes For Grown-Ups

This post is being done for the love of you, my readers. Because I have to say it is a challenge for a girl who has not had sugar, except for 1 cookie, in months,  I do adore candy, but not the kind that will be passed out this Halloween.  All of the high fructose sugar, chemicals, and preservatives in the store bought candy just does not appeal. This year, ban the wrappers and indulge in something really worthy of the calories.

Here: 17 Sweet Adult Treats

Halloween Candy Corn
Here's something you can whip up pretty fast  It's the perfect way to use up excess candy from Halloween. With Oreos, Reeses Pieces and pretzels, how can you not love it?

Butter Toffee Candy Bar Shots
You'll need a Silicone Chocolate Mold for this recipe. Find it at Amazon. I think I'd like to make these for Thanksgiving. What say you family?

Toasted Hazelnut Nougat
Toasted hazelnuts, dark chocolate, and homemade vanilla nougat come together for a gourmet candy bar.

Bourbon Sea Salt Caramels
If you are like me and love sugar and bourbon, this treat is for you. They can be made 2 weeks in advance.

Home Made Cow Tales
Remember these? They were one of my favorites at the penny candy store. Now you can have them anytime.
Food 52

Chocolate Orange Truffles
Let them eat bon bons all Autumn long
The Kitchn.

Red Wine Lollipops
Made with a red wine reduction, these are a perfect treat for a girls night out or in!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Stuffed Apples
I have posted some fab recipes for Candy Apples before, but none of them were stuffed. Dear God!

 Cranberry Rosemary Florentine Bars
Adriano Zumbo's sophisticated candy bars are the perfect thing to serve with champagne or an after dinner drink.

Bacon Peanut Brittle
Have you ever had bacon with brown sugar on it? If so, you can imagine how good this brittle is. It's topped with a peanut butter drizzle. Shoot me!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles
For all of those kids - big and small - who love to sneak a chunk of cookie dough from the mixer, this candy is for you. And it's egg free.

Man Whore Bars
Over the top and the title was just too funny not to include in this sweet edit,

Winter White Red Velvet Fudge
One of my favorite little gifts during the holidays is to box up my homemade chocolate fudge. It is always a hit. I think this year I will try this recipe. It is just so holiday-ish and very easy to make!
The Cafe Sucre Farine

Chocolate PB and J Cups { vegan, gf }
Bring back memories of your favorite childhood sandwich with these not so bad for you candies.
Love and Lemons

Candy Bar Cocktail
Now you know I just had to throw in an adult beverage!
Looks like a milky way to me!
Heather's French Press

Espresso Caramel Bars
Giada De Laurentiis's sinful recipe had me at Espresso.
Food Network

Cranberry Pistachio Marshmallows
Have you ever had an homemade marshmallow? They are just like little clouds of sweetness. This recipe is perfect for the Holiday season. It's pretty, too.
Satori Design For Living

And My Halloween Treat For You.....

This iconic scene will be me, if I ever get my hands on some candy again!

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