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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Foodie Friday: Give Me Some Sugar!

(Via Kitchen Corners)

If you are from the South, you can relate to the phrase, "Give Me Some Sugar." It so reminds me of my Mom. It has now been over 7 weeks since I have gone sugar free, and by sugar free I mean refined sugars (white and brown). And though, I am no longer craving sugar, I dream about. Yes, my friends, I have visions of sugarplums in my head. I also miss baking. So this post is personal, but perhaps it will satisfy your sweet tooth, as well.

20 Sensational Sweet Somethings

Macaron and Marshmallow Sandwiches
You won't believe just how easy these ooey gooey cookies are to make. I want one NOW.

Neapolitan Cheesecake
If you want to serve a dessert that is universally loved, cheesecake does the trick. Make it an Oreo crust, and it is sure to be a winner.
I Am Baker

Chocolate Truffle Cocoa Spoons
Transform that cup of cocoa into something "out of this world" with these perfect bites. I also think they just make a fun finish to any meal on their own. What a presentation, huh?
The View From Great Island

Rolo Brownie Trifles
This indulgent recipe is really easy to accomplish. Do you remember those little round Rolo candies? If you loved them, you will adore this dessert.

Carrot Cake Deluxe
Everyone in my household LOVES carrot cake. Meg often requests one for her birthday cake. I make a good one, but it doesn't look like this beauty!
Call Me Cupcake

 Strawberry Tiramisu Pancakes
Dessert for breakfast? Yes please! 

Dreamy Dom Pedros
If you are like me, you may have never heard of a Dom Pedros. At first glance I thought it was a mousse. In actuality, they are delicious ice cream and liquor desserts. Love this idea for an easy and sophisticated ending for a  company dinner.
Daily Fix

Red Velvet Twinks
A new twist on a childhood favorite. 
Food Republic

Chocolate Whiskey Souffle
This is totally irresistible to me. Except, as the recipe says, you can trade out the whiskey for your choice of liquor. My substitute would be Grand Marnier.

Apple Pecan Pie Cronuts with Apple Cider Caramel Drizzle
I have not tried a Cronut yet, but I just know that I would love one. These look like the perfect Fall food indulgence.
Half Baked Harvest

Loaded Chocolate Bourbon Fudge
Fewer things are more chocolatey and sweet than fudge. That must be why I love it so much, and I make an excellent fudge. It doesn't look like this though.
How Sweet It Is

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Bars
No added sugar and are under 100 calories each. Sign me up for when I come to my senses!
Dashing Dish

Caramel Apple Autumn Tart
Could anything be more appropriate for the coming months? If you love the look of the tart shell like I do, you can find one HERE
The Food Club

Campfire Delight
I have rarely found a chocolate cake that I didn't like. For me, the more frosting the better. This 6-Layer Belgian Chocolate and Toasted Marshmallow Cake will satisfy all of my sweet teeth.
Sweet Apolita

Rainbow Rippled Meringues
Have you ever made meringues? I have and they are like eating puffy clouds of sugar. These are a bit more complicated than your average Meringue, as they involve a paint brush and a piping bag. But aren't they beautiful?
BBC Good Food

Whipped Cinnamon Pumpkin Honey Butter
This is a must try this Fall, especially for company. What a delightful little extra to serve.
The Kitchen McCabe

Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies
One of my favorite things - a warm chocolate chip cookie. Add cream cheese, and I'm in heaven.
Averie Cooks

Cocoa Banana Overnight Oats
If you are like me, and will take chocolate anyway you can get it, this one is for you. How very interesting, huh? It's packed with protein, too.
My Fussy Eater

Homemade Animal Crackers
Is it a problem that this grown adult LOVES animal crackers?  Unlike the crackers of our childhood, these 4 legged bites are anything but bland. You will need animal cookie cutters which you can find HERE
Leites Culinaria

Orange Coconut Polenta Cake
Sugar Free
This just sounds delicious (and quite unique) to me! Have dessert without the guilt.

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Okay, I Feel Better Now!

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