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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

AHALife: My AHA Moment

In my world of shopping for a living,  I have been to the end of the Internet and back, or so I thought.  Then I found AHAlife. It was my AHA moment.  If I had my own store, it would look like theirs. Beautiful photos, products that you don't see everywhere else and prices for every budget.  Today I give you a taste of the ......


"\ä-’hä\ interjection"

"The universal sound of discovery, which leaves you with a temporary feeling of surprise, triumph and euphoria.

… it’s the moment a designer pinpoints a new idea

AHAlife is a curated marketplace for creative, inspiring objects. Their mission is to empower designers, artisans and innovators to thrive online and connect people around the world."

Here: My Fave Finds


Esque Studio
Glass Pitcher Cup Set
Talk about the perfect pour! What a bright gift idea.

RS-Barcelona Mon Oncle Grill
These are so cool, they are hot! Now you can heat up the grill wherever you are, the balcony, at the beach or on the road. Easy to transport and operate. Love it!

Moore And Giles Sullivan Shirt Pack

The traveling man will appreciate this smart option for keeping shirts organized and wrinkle free. Every pack comes with a leather collar stay case complete with 6 Moore & Giles stays.

Configurable Sandals
Aren't these fabulous? The fun doesn't stop at the good looks of these unique shoes. You can change them up, too. Best that you just read how for yourself. Beyond!

Spoonk Acupressure Massage Mats
How much do you pay for a massage? Most likely more than the price of this mat. Bring home the relaxing power of Japanese shiatsu massage Anyone with an ache or pain will just love this.

Stelle Audio Couture
Rebecca Minkoff Audio Clutch
For the girl (Me) who must have her tunes on the go.  This is the ultimate in fashion vs. function.  Disguised as a handbag, this jeweled wonder and its' rechargeable battery can play tunes for 15 hours.  But it's not just for play. The working girl can also host a conference call with this stylish speaker.
Aha Life

Ella Vickers Sailcloth Bags
Ahoy mate! What a sailor chic collection of  Ocean durable bags. Inspired by her years as an America's Cup first-mate, Ella knows sailor style!

Menu Beer Foamer
The perfect gift for your beer drinking buddies. According to AHALife, It separates the pouring process from the foaming process so you can achieve a crisp, bubbly beer with a soft dense foam that feels just like draft.  Cheers!

Think Global Taste Local
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
I am totally enamored with the beauty of these specially designed tins.  This award winning oil is said to be complex and lively. What a fabulous gift for a foodie!

The Beverly Hills Hotel
Signature Rubber Duckie Set
How irresistible!  And as the website says, any adult or child will "give a "duck" about bath time again." An unexpected little gift.

100 Things Paintable Wallpaper
If your walls could talk, they would want to be customized by you! Paint your own recyclable, clay-based paper. Do the kids want a room of their own? Let them be the artists. What a fun addition to any decor.

Kayu Ava Clutch
These chic clutches make both an artistic and textural statement. The agate clasp is a rich and luxurious detail.  There are many more haute handbags to see.

Joya Perfume Oil
You will find lots of unique beauty brands here, and this sculptural bottle caught my eye. Isn't it fabulous with its' 24 karat gold dipped wand? 

Doron Merdinger Baby Pacifier 
Forget about the silver spoon baby. How about this for spoiled? This keepsake Pacifier is made from Titanium and 18 Karat Gold fused plating. What a gift!

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