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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Thanks Mom! Gifts For Mature Mamas

Age is just a number, and we are all only as old as we feel.  These things we know.  But we also know that each year that we get older, so do our Moms.  And as much as we don't want to think about it, as our Mother's age, sometimes they need our help.  

Here: 10 Gifts That Are Sure To Be Mother's Helpers!

Burkedecor.com is all new

Help Mom to stay connected. If she does not have a computer, the Kindle might be the way to go.  You can load it up with photos of her family and grandchildren.  If mom loves to read, she can (or you can do it for her) download magazines and books - even in large print. I just think this is a fabulous idea that will fill much of her down time.  See all of the options at

Conair Magnified Makeup Mirror
I do not plan on NOT wearing makeup as I age.  But I admit, I already need to check a magnifying mirror, especially for the eyes.  If Mom is sight challenged but still vain like me, this will help.

Smart Cart Heavy Duty Folding Cart with Smart Pockets System
This "wild" little cart will come in handy for carrying groceries from the car to the kitchen, or from the market home, if she walks that trip. Mom might use it just to move heavier items from room to room. It's an useful and fun idea.

Barefoot Dreams
CozyChic Travel Shawl
Once a woman gets past a certain age, it seems she is always cold. This little number will come in handy wherever Mom roams. She'll love the pockets, too. I happen to own this brand's robe. Love!

Metro Car Handle
Over 50,000 of these have been sold at QVC alone.  It is for anyone with mobility issues such as, arthritis, knee or hip surgery, broken bones. I think it is genius.  Why not make Mom's life easier getting in and out of a car?
See am explanatory video at

Lumbar Feather Bed
Give Mom a good night's sleep. I have been sleeping on a feather bed for many years, and really have trouble sleeping, without it. A feather bed gives your body a hug goodnight. It gently cushions pressure points like shoulders and hips. This is a real winning gift!

Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
If Mom has heart issues, give her the gift of confidence with this handy dandy monitor.  It has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show, which she may just like to know.

Pretty As A Picture Album 
By Wild and Wolf
Here is a very thoughtful idea.  Fill this album with up to 200 photos of friends and family.  She will love all of the memories!  And it might be helpful for a mom suffering from dementia. The book is presented in a lovely gift box.
Burke Decor

Keurig K10 Mini Plus Coffeemaker
A brilliant idea for mom, especially if she lives in a small space.  She can brew just one cup at a time with no waste.  This product is on Sale and $20 less than most stores.  It's shipped free, as well.

Tony Little DeStress® JetSpa Elite Foot Bath
Give Mom a pedicure at home and start with this!  It is so marked down you will want one for yourself, too.

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