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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Retail Therapy: A Cure For The Winter Blahs

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Will this Winter ever end?  The weather has been unbearable even the polar bears have gone inside at the zoo!  I am in need for a reason to smile, a little brightness, something fun to buy! How about you? 
I think they call this Retail Therapy!

Here: 10 Fab Finds 
That Made Me Smile Today

Kate Spade New York 
Miss Penny's Emanuelle
This patent leather book style clutch is for
girls who life live a colorful life!

Glam on the Wire Clothespins 
 Oh what you can do with this daring troupe! 
Besides making light work of the laundry, will
clip papers on your desk, hang children's artwork
in their room or decorate the bulletin board. Fun!

Maracana Silk Skirt
Let's just put this on and head 
South of the border! It just makes 
me want to dance.

Recycled Hoodie Sweater
I want both of these two little guys.
the sweaters are just perfect for these
fab Frenchies.

Roost Colored Pencil Set
If your creativity needs a boost,
here ya go! This would look so
handsome on my desk.

Donna Karan's Resort Runway Look #6
I just want to be wearing this and having
dinner on the terrace at The Four Seasons Maui!

Travel Pouch Set
by  Felix Rey
Hit the road with a wink and a nod.
Oh yes, if I could, I'd pack my jewelry
in one, a bikini in another (ha!) and some
 unmentionables in the third. Let's go!

The Fashion Chef Bubble Cake
Yes, this master piece is a cake!
And yes, it is all edible.  Made in 
New York and can be ordered via

Labbra Candle
I almost don't care what this candle
smells like, it is the container that
makes me (and her) smile! This is 
so collectible and giftable!

V-Rugs and Home Cecil Pouf
Oh how glam! Don't we all have a place
for a little pouf in our home? In the bath
for applying body lotion? At the foot of the bed
to slip on your slippers, tucked under a coffee
table for an extra stylish spare seat. Fab!
Layla Grayce

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