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Monday, November 4, 2013

Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?

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I do not like changing our clocks 
forward or backward. Does that mean
I am afraid of change?  More likely it
means I am a bit lazy. My home is one of those that every clock says a different time....ALWAYS. Thank goodness for cell phones! So today's inspiration comes from my own utter confusion.  

Here: 11 Terrific Timepieces 

World Friendly Whatever Clock
This is my thoughts exactly, and just how I felt this morning. Too fun!

MICHELE 'Serein Diamond' Moon Phase Watch Case, (Strap sold separately) 
Just love this very unique watch with 
100 twinkling diamonds.

Suck UK - Eyes Clock
Perhaps not the most precise clock around,
but it sure is cute. The eyes roll around with
each passing minute and hour.

Michael Graves for Alessi Wall Clock
Proof that time really does fly.
Sara Designs Woven Wrap Watch
A weighty way to keep time.  Love it!
It's off the chain.
Shop Bop

Umbra Take 5 Clock
It's always 5:00PM somewhere!
Fun, perky and perfect for modern spaces.

Versace Mystique Foulard 
Like a beautiful Versace scarf....this timepiece
is beyond all trends.

Karlsson Golden Record Wall Clock
This clock is off the charts for 
music lovers.
Burke Decor

RabLabs Cele Clock
Time is precious and so is this semi-precious
agate table clock. No two clocks are alike. I
think they would feel right at home in my home!


Montre Acier Rose Gold Watch
This limited edition timepiece is edgy and
oh so fashion forward!
Barney's New York

Karlsson Slices Colorful Clock
Color blocked chic, this is no wallflower.
On sale at

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