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Monday, October 7, 2013

Man Up Monday: Accoutrements That Make The Man

Barneys New York

(Via Mark D Sikes)

As with women, style is in the details for men.
A good watch, a beauty of a bag, stylish shoes,
fun and long socks....all make the difference!
Here: Inspiration to find your own unique look.

A Good Watch

A good watch needs to make sense with the
rest of your wardrobe.  This is what GQ has to say about watches:

A. It may sound old-fashioned, but when wearing a leather-strap watch, you're always safe matching the strap to your shoes—brown and brown, black and black

B. If you sport a distinct style—let's say you're into the whole prepster thing, or maybe you're a minimalist guy—keep it consistent. Your watch should be of that style, too.

C. A watch with a plain black or white face—and a leather strap or a steel bracelet—will go
with everything.

From Left to Right:  
all under $200

Marvin Rose Gold Bezel watch

D. Finally, if you're heading to a black-tie event, make sure you've got a formal-minded watch. Leave the dual-compass waterproof rock at home. Instead, opt for a slim, unadorned timepiece with a black leather band. A formal watch should keep time, not flash it.

And Don't Forget

(Via GQ)
Come spring and summer, consider swapping out your leather or steel band for a canvas or grosgrain strap.

(Via GQ)

You Can Judge a Man by His Shoes
My Mother-in-Law always said that.
They reveal whether he takes pride in the little things.

A Black Lace Up

Salvatore Ferragamo's Andrea

Shiny and stylish...these shoes will go
with most outfits.

Tod's Gomma Penny Loafer

"The penny loafer's got a fusty reputation, but so many designers these days are doing it in this modern, streamlined shape; instead of making your feet look stubby,a loafer by Bass or Prada will actually make them look longer. "—Jim Moore, GQ creative director

A Stylish Sneaker

Unless you are a baller, low tops are best. Now
we aren't talking the type of sneaker that you
workout in, but the type to wear for casual dress
or even with the right modern, slim fitting suit.
Here are a few good choices

Paul Smith Osmo Karma Leather Sneakers
With the iconic Smith stripes.  For the 
traditional guy that wants to show a 
little personality, but not too much.

Pakerson Leather Sneaker
Quite unique yet still within the bounds of tradition.

Save $20 on all orders of $195 at Use code FALL20

Hogan Black Leather Sneaker
Pair them with cashmere and casual pants


(Via GQ)

Just like women's stockings, a man changing
up his sock drawer can add a creative touch
to his wardrobe. Make sure your socks
reflect your personality.  I also might add,
there isn't a woman in the world that wants to
see a span of hairy legs between the sock and 
a pant leg.  PLEASE gentlemen, wear an up to
the knee sock, especially with a suit.

One of the best sources for men's socks is
Barney's New York

A Stylish Bag

(via GQ)

A good bag will take a man anywhere.  If he 
suits up every day, he needs a Briefcase.  Or
if he goes somewhere to workout each day, a
Gym Bag is a necessity. Road warriors need a chic carryon bag. And these days, almost all men tote
an iPad, phone,or a laptop.  


The gold standard:  Saint Laurent
Gusseted Briefcase
Barneys New York

And a bit less expensive: 

KNOMO London
'Padstow' Briefcase

Gym Bag

Trask Jackson Duffel Bag

Fred Perry's Classic Barrel Bag
has a cool luxe look for less than $100

Travel Carry On Bag

Tumi's -Tech Network Black Lightweight 
Large Trip Carry On
It has everything a guy needs plus a 
terrific reputation for quality.

Tech Cases

Embossed Python iPad Case

Collina Strada 
Pleated Leather 15" Laptop Case
Need Supply

Phone Cases

Zagliani Blackberry Case

Giorgio Armani Leather Case

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