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Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday's Makeup Must Haves

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I'll admit it, I am a bit of a makeup junkie.
I even sold cosmetics once upon a time
at the great Marshall Field's. Today I'm
sharing my Makeup Must Haves. Here's
my personal award winners.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I fought this new "primer" discovery for a bit.
Seems as if we all did fine without it.  But after
experiencing the benefits of primer, I hate to
be without it.  For me, it helps in making pores
look smaller and keeps the makeup on all day.

Laura Mercier is the pioneer of primer. Her Radiance Foundation Primer provides a sheer
healthy glow to the skin. 

Tinted Moisturizer

Laura Mercier's Illuminating 
Tinted Moisturizer.

At my age, I like a healthy glow. But Laura
also makes this excellent moisturizer in an
oil free formula, and without radiance. In the
warmer months, you might be able to wear 
this alone without foundation, as it does offer
slight coverage.  I also like to mix it with
my liquid foundation. I like this product
so much, that it would be hard to be without it.


This is my saving grace for traveling!
You will always find it in my carry on bag.
This nifty little compact holds creamy concealers, a blush, and cream foundation.
The concealers are some of the best with
a really good coverage. It's a little bit like
painting by numbers.

Hands down...the best concealer I have
ever used.  It's highly pigmented and super-emollient, not to mention water-resistant. 
So many shades to match every complexion.


M.A.C. Studio Sculpt Foundation
My new obsession! This foundation feels
light as air. It is gel based and very buildable.
You can go from medium to full coverage.
It is water resistant, so great for warmer 
months. The key to this foundation is 
applying it with a brush. Buff, buff, buff!

I do like to switch my look up, preferring
the gel foundation for night and the mineral
powder for day. There are many mineral
powders out there, and I think bareMinerals
is one of the best I have tried.  The original
formula has a slight illumination quality. And
then there is the mat formula, that is just that.
This set is a buy at


Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Bricks
These bricks of pretty shades add an 
interesting depth of color that looks more
interesting than one shade. I like the beiges.
They also work double duty as eyeshadows.
Love them!

Nars The Multiple

Mistake-proof color; quick and easy to apply.
Sheer, natural finish for eyes, cheeks and lips.
Enriched with Vitamin E and açai oil for antioxidant benefits. My fave color is orgasm.

Enter code JUNENP13 at checkout.
Complimentary Mini Orgasm Nail Polish

Eyeshadow Primer

If your eyeshadow fades or creases, it's
because you need a primer. McEvoy's Eye
Base does the trick, and can even be worn without shadow. I wear Demure.

Eye Shadow
Bobbi Brown's Metallic Shadows
are high on shimmer and pigment.
Champagne Quartz as pictured is my
perfect shade. 

Sephora Collection
Moonshadow Baked Palette 
 In The Nude
I love a good palette. And Sephora has
created a good one. It's a great value, as well.

Eyelash Curler
If your not curling your lashes, you should be.
What a difference a curled lash makes to your
eyes!  My personal pick is also rather economical.  
Tarte's Picture Perfect Duo

The ergonomic eyelash curler is easy to 
grip, thanks to the padded handle. The curved angle and wide mouth suits all eye shapes without pinching or crimping. 

My one desert island item is eyeliner!
I feel naked without it. For me, it must
be waterproof, as well.  Two rise above 
the rest. Bobbi Brown's Gel Eyeliner is
really excellent. It takes a little practice,
but the result is a very deep black with 
a nice shine...and it lasts and lasts! 
Available in 13 colors

This one lives up to its' name...if you don't
wash it off, you wake up with it looking
perfect in thee morning. Easy to use.


It took years of trying many brands
to find my favorite mascara. It's
M.A.C.'s Opulash. It lasts 15 hrs, and I 
can attest to that. It is water resistant,
and I have cried a river in it. The black is
intense and the brush is huge..which is
the secret to this magic mascara. Also it
is $8 less than Dior Show, my past fave.


There are many good lip products out there.
And I have to admit that I am not as discriminating about lip gloss as I might be
of other makeup products.  However, I do 
have a fave. Chanel's gloss in Sweet Beige
is the perfect nude with shimmer. As in all
Chanel products, it is rich in pigments, so
you only need a little bit.

That's what is in my beauty bag.
What's in yours?

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