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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A New York Minute

After waking up without a clue of what I would write about, I visited one of my fave blogs, 
Slim Paley's, The Stuff of Life. Her last post, on
6/10 featured NYC. Some people leave their
heart in San Francisco, but mine is always in
NYC, the city that never sleeps, including my
delicious daughter, Meg. So consider this post
therapy for a Mom who longs to visit her, and
the city she calls home.  
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Bergdorf Goodman
It is almost impossible for me to visit
NYC without visiting the city's most iconic
department store. I start off on the 7th floor, which has the best ladies room, and work my way down. These doors call my name!

Central Park Mall and Literary Walk
The Mall runs from 66th to 72nd Streets.
I just never get tired of a stroll in the Park.
Besides the beauty of nature, the people
are what makes this walk so memorable.

Bemelmans Bar at The Carlyle
One of my favorite NYC watering holes.
In fact I spent a very special birthday here
until the wee hours of the morning. It is
old school cool with an interesting mix of
clients....and I do mean some were "clients."

The Plaza Hotel
Oh the times I have walked up and down these
stairs! Once in the company of Ivanka Trump.
I have been lucky enough to stay here, in Eloise's house, many times.  


Love the vibe downtown in SoHo. It's always
an adventure. The shops are smaller and more
interesting than 5th Ave. It's a bit seedier but
everything has an artistic touch.  Best thing
about SoHo is the fact that Meg heads there
daily for work! Lookout SoHo!

Rockefeller Center Skating Rink
If you ever see a "girl" standing at street level 
looking down on the skaters with tears in her eyes, say hello...it's probably me. I simply must stop and watch strangers skate, with memories  of a little Meg skating her heart out every year in December.

Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding
Sugar be damned, this piece of heaven is
a "must have" each visit.  Obsessed.  We get
ours at the Bloomie's location on 3rd.

I don't ever remember having a bad meal
in NYC.  But some of my favorite meals have
been here at SFOGLIA. It's an Upper East 
Side gem, where the locals go. I love sitting
in the bar at farm tables. On a Thursday night,
your table neighbors will be wearing jeans 
and Loro Piana cashmere. 

Dylan's Candy Bar
Just a few short blocks from the daughter's
apartment, Dylan's shouts my name as I walk by, and sometimes I just can't resist. It's so
much fun being a big kid in a candy store!

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King Cole Bar at The St. Regis
It's a hard seat to get, at this famous
bar with the mural painted by Maxfield Parrish.
But I have been here many times. One of
the best places in the city to people watch.

Well, that's my New York Minute. 
And here's to you, Meg, my NYC girl.

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